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Fantasy Series

My work is inspired by fantasy and mythology. I, like many people, find comfort in the fantasy worlds built in literature. It is a safe place despite it being full of villains and treachery. These stories have brought light into the dark places of my life, and I wanted to find a way to capture that in clay and share that light with others.

Deep Waters

In my search for more sculpture practice, I plumbed the depths and reached 20,000 leagues under the sea to dredge up a nautical helmet, which has become the home of a sea creature. Books and movies have spent years exploring the oceans, and for those who venture below its  murky surface, things rarely end well.

kat1118 (1).jpg
kat1102 (2).jpg
kat1102 (2).jpg

Through The Looking Glass

Following the white rabbit I found myself lost in the world created by Lewis Carroll. Never before have I liked tea, but the companions you come across after tumbling down the rabbit hole turn a simple tea party into everyone's unbirthday.


From The Ashes

Whether derived from the east or the west, the magic of the phoenix is undeniable. For some it may symbolize rebirth from the ashes, while for others it might be the symbol of virtue and grace. But regardless of perspective, it can bring light and fire to dark times, and dont we all need that at some point.


Victorian Punk

I have never been one for fashion, but steampunk style is undeniably cool. Modern technologies powered by steam engines show the fantastical ingenuity of the human spirit to grow and progress. Though the green-energy lover in me abhors the pollution, the artist loves all the different designs and juxtapositions of decor.


Tree of Light

The tree of life appears in mythologies that spread across the world. This tree appears in Haitian, Finnish, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Norse, and Siberian folklore. The branches stretch to the heavens and the roots reach to the underworld, connecting all the realms into one form. 

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